Types of Sentences

In English grammar when we put some word together which gives some meaning is called as a sentence.
 In some cases we give simple information, some where we question  ,Sometimes we  get surprised it exclaimed about something and sometime we give order or advice.

All these formats create 4 different types of sentences in English grammar.

Those are :
·         Statement
·         Question
·         Command
·         Exclamation

Let’s have a look in to different kinds of sentences available on the basis of the sentence type and the way they are represented.
  • Declarative Sentences or Assertive Sentences
  • Interrogative Sentences
  • Imperative Sentences
  • Exclamatory Sentences
Any sentence we use to give information ,question someone ,advice something or exclaimed about something comes under above 4 Types of Sentences.

Let’s have a look in to different types of sentence in detail.

Declarative Sentences or Assertive Sentences

Simplest type of sentence used in English grammar is declarative sentence and always have a subject and a predicate. These sentences tell information about anything that makes a meaning statement Declarative sentence ends with a period sign.

Example :
  • ·         You are my best friend.
  • ·         I am not going to college today.
  • ·         Sun rises in east.
  • ·         Temple is on the next street.

Interrogative Sentences

These sentences are also called the question type sentence. Interrogate means ask question so the sentences which are used to ask questions are known as interrogative sentence.

Interrogative sentence sentences ends with a question mark (?).Most interrogative sentences uses below words which is used to from a question.
Who, What, Where, When, Why, How , Do.


  • ·         Who is your father ?
  • ·         Where have you been ?
  • ·         When did the doctor arrive?
  • ·         How old are you ?

Imperative Sentences

If you are requesting someone to do something or if you are giving an advice , the sentence is called an Imperative sentence. Imperative sentence ends with a period (.) sign. All kind of requests ,commands, suggestions, instructions ,advice comes under this kind of sentence type.

  • ·         Take your medicine in time.
  • ·         Don’t open the room.
  • ·         Please help me out.
  • ·         Clean your room.

Exclamatory Sentences

Any sentence that you use to express a strong  feeling of exclamation or surprise is known as exclamatory sentence. Exclamatory sentences are used when you are surprised , happy or angry. These kind of sentence end with an exclamation mark (!)

  • ·         How beautiful the flower is !
  • ·         I will miss you !

According to the structure of the sentence in English Grammar sentences are divided in to 3 types. They are :
  • ·         Simple Sentence
  • ·         Compound Sentence
  • ·         Complex Sentence

Simple Sentence
A simple sentence contains a subject and a predicate which gives a main idea or provides a complete thought. Simple sentence can also be written as a combination of a subject and a verb.

  • Rosey goes to school.
  • Michael plucks flower.

Compound Sentence
A compound sentence is a combination of two or more simple sentence which are combined with the help of coordinating conjunction.


  • I will got to school and meet you.
  • She visited to mall but did not buy anything.

Below are some more coordinating conjunctions which can be also used to form compound sentences.
  • ·         For
  • ·         Nor
  • ·         Or
  • ·         Yet
  • ·         So
  • ·         And
  • ·         But

Complex Sentence

As the name suggest complex sentence is a combination of three or more sentences where one sentence must be a independent  sentence and others could be dependent sentence.
In other words compound sentence is a combination of  one independent clause and one or more dependent clause.


  • I pray to God before going to bed.
  • While I was 7 yrs old my younger brother was born.